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Busted Boot Guest Ranch, located SW of Holland, in the RM of Victoria.

RM of Victoria

Located in the scenic Tiger Hills, the RM of Victoria is about 100 km east of Brandon, 60 km north of the U.S border and 119 km west of Manitoba's capital city, Winnipeg. The municipality has a population of 1,181 according to the 2001 census.

The village of Holland is the largest community in the municipality with a population of approximately 400 while the surrounding market area has a population of about 1450.

The most south-westerly community in the Central Plains region is Cypress River. It is advertised as "the best 'Little Town' on the prairie" which is a play on the name of Robert & Nathaniel Little, the original circa 1880s founders. Littleton, now marked only with a cairn, was located 2 miles east and 1 mile north of the present site. Cypress River has a population of 240 within the town limits.

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