Central Plains Inc.

Welcome to Manitoba's Central Plains Region!

Central Plains Inc. is the official regional economic development agency for Manitoba's Central Plains region. Our purpose, in short, is to assist with business, industry, agriculture and tourism development in the area. Read more by clicking "About Us" on the menu. This site provides information to assist entrepreneurs in our area, as well as information on our organization, membership and the region in general.

Our region is situated in southern Manitoba, Canada. Our corporate offices are located in downtown Portage la Prairie. Click here for a map showing our general location.

What We Do

Our corporation provides assistance to clients in developing projects that enhance the economy of our region. This could involve starting a small or medium sized enterprise, buying an existing business, establishing a multi-million dollar processing facility or helping a community set up a new library. For more information, check out our Services Page.

Our Member Communities

Central Plains Inc. is a member-based regional economic development agencies. Visit our member pages for links to these communities.

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